We love a couple with a sense of humor! Britney Spears took to Instagram on Thursday, March 19, to show off her yoga moves at the beach, which led her boyfriend, Sam Asghari, to make a joke about her fame.

“Trying to stay healthy and breathe some clean air whenever I can … and it doesn’t hurt if I get a golden bronze tan in the process!!!!” the 38-year-old singer captioned the IG post. “I loved this day … I saw the lifeguard shack and decided to pop in … nobody was home so I did a spin or two because it felt like a tree house!!!!! I also did some yoga on the beach … Yoga is a form of prayer … something we all need right now. Stay positive and be kind, folks!!!!!!”

Britney Spears' IG Comment

Meanwhile, Sam commented, “That lifeguard post is about to be the most iconic post ever.” LOL. Honestly, he’s probably right! We can definitely see Britney fans worshipping that location now, and we totally get it.

When Sam isn’t using his platform to make his lady laugh, he’s busy clapping back at the haters. In early March, the 26-year-old slammed an online troll who criticized him after he shared before and after photos from his fitness transformation.

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari Having Dinner
Courtesy of Sam Asghari/Instagram

“I think this is so unbelievably, empty, and frankly, stupid,” the follower commented at the time. “When your job is to work out and look great yay. Sometimes we’re fat, other times we lose weight but don’t get lost in those voices. Be happy with your body and our body tells us a story and appreciate those parts that you love about you. If you’d like to change something, do so without shame in peace.”

Fortunately, Sam knew exactly what to reply. “My job wasn’t to work out and look great,” he commented back. “I worked at Best Buy, Gold’s Gym, [as a] security guard at the same time, trying to make things happen! Once I lost a bunch of weight, I was able to break into commercial acting. I made things possible by taking responsibility and doing something about it.”

To conclude his reply, Sam emphasized how proud he is of how far he’s made it. You go, dude!