We loved watching Hogan Knows Best on VH1, but it wasn't as fun for Brooke Hogan. Hulk Hogan's only daughter had a lot of bullies picking on her for her appearance, and some of the things they called her were just downright horrible. “I’ve gotten, ‘Her jaw could crush rocks,’ and ‘She’s so tall she looks like a tranny,’” Brooke revealed to People, recounting the painful memories.

Luckily, Brooke was able to come to terms with her strong body, and now understands that she looks exactly how she's supposed to, and that's beautiful! “Being Hulk Hogan’s daughter, you definitely don’t come out 110 lbs. and petite,” she admitted. “It’s always been that I’m muscular, I’m 5’10." Now, Brooke is channeling her former pain into something awesome: an Amazon show that helps regular people become fashion models!

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“I’ve been called everything, so I personally connected to this mission, and I just think it’s so cool that we can start changing how people define beauty,” she said of The Fashion Hero. “Because kids are literally killing themselves, or developing eating disorders, trying to fit into a box. We’re not all mannequins. There’s no possible way that we could live up to that standard. So it was like a passion project for me.” It's so true!

Brooke couldn't help but get emotional when she began seeing herself in the contestants. “There was a girl who kind of went through something similar that was on the show, her name was Stacy, and she was telling me that people would call her Mount Everest, because she was kind of a bigger, taller girl," recalled Brooke. "And she just started crying and I just instantly started feeling my 13-year-old self coming through even though I was supposed to be mentoring these people. I just cried every single day on set, it was like a baby being born every day.” Keep being you, Brooke!