New chapter, who dis? Cardi B‘s makeup artist, Erika La Pearl, revealed during day 2 of the Beautycon Festival on August 11 that the artist has been very into neutral tones for her makeup lately, which is a big change from her usual colorful look. The beauty guru admitted that motherhood hasn’t changed the “Bodak Yellow” artist’s love of getting fully glammed up, but she has been more attracted to brown, taupe and ivory shades.

“We still do a good old heavy beat,” Erika confessed when asked how Cardi’s beauty game has changed since giving birth to her daughter, Kulture, in July 2018. “I noticed that we’ve been doing a lot of naturals … Because we’ve been always doing a lot of colors and stuff, she wants to be more into natural tones. Which is fine because I actually want to start doing that too. I’m glad that she lets me do that, you know? … It looks better actually to me, so I think it’s cute.”

Cardi B Denim Bodysuit Performing on Stage
Wilson Lee/imageSPACE/Shutterstock

Cardi has served up some pretty amazing makeup looks over the years and Erika explained that the “Money” rapper’s new vibe really accentuates her gorgeous features. “I still do a heavy beat on her face, but the eyes we do a neutral — a little cat eye with some lashes,” she said.

Just because the newly minted mama is gravitating toward neutrals doesn’t mean she’ll completely abandon her signature funky look. Erika is still looking forward to using lots of bright shades this season. “For me, I love doing color on the eyes, to me it makes it more exotic,” she explained when asked about fall trends.

Cardi B Orange Costume on Stage Performance
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The artist noted that she definitely has some tricks up her sleeve to make Cardi stand out more than ever on stage. “I like doing a lot of shimmer or glitter, just to make it look fun. But actually, now I want to do back to a little more creative while she’s on stage. That’s where I want to start doing my creative thing, cause on stage she wants to shine … We’ll see!” she teased.

We can’t wait to see Cardi’s next look.