When Cardi B stepped onto the VMAs stage last night with a blanket bundle held carefully in her arms, we were sure she was about to introduce Kulture Kiari Cephus to the world — and so was Cardi’s husband, Offset. Apparently, he fell for the bit just like everyone else. Except instead of being excited to finally get a glimpse of the celebribaby, he was pissed that his wife was about to debut their kid on national TV. Need a reminder of the clip and how the Best New Artist winner opened the show? Check it out. 

“I got a little surprise for you, know what I’m saying?” Cardi asked the audience, holding her lil blanket bundle while Offset shifted in his seat and started to look nervous AF. Slowly, she unwrapped the bundle — only to reveal it was a Moon Man VMAs trophy, not her one month old baby after all. The rapper took to Twitter later to reveal exactly why Offset looked so pissed. “Why Set said i was sooo mad, when i saw you on stage with that blanket,” she wrote, adding, “‘I thought you was going to show Kulture.'”

OMFG, can you imagine how blessed we would all have felt to finally meet Kulture — and how steamed Offset would have been? We do have one question, though. If Offset thought Cardi was holding their baby on stage, does that mean that Kulture really was there somewhere backstage and not at home with a babysitter or family member? Did other performers and celebs get to meet the famous infant? And did Kulture meet Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott‘s daughter, Stormi? We know they’re just babies, but those are the celebrity BFFs we need. Can’t we get a playdate going or something?

But there’s a decent chance that Cardi and Offset’s little one really was tucked away in the arena somewhere. After all, the hip hop stars have seemed to be all about spending time with her. Cardi even cancelled her planned tour with Bruno Mars so that she could do what was best for her and her baby. 

Here’s hoping all the best for Cardi, Offset, and Kulture — and that they decide to share pics with us soon.