With rumors of Cardi B's alleged pregnancy swirling around, fans are dying to know if a Cardi Baby — with fiancé and Migos rapper Offset — is finally on the way. Unfortunately, the only lady able to confirm that news is Cardi herself, and, as it turns out, she's not willing to give it up! The "Bodak Yellow" rapper took to Beats 1 on Apple Music on April 5 to set the record straight once and for all.

She explained, "People can not expect me to be open about everything. Certain things about me have to be private. You can not invade my privacy, I'm not a damn animal at the zoo where you just could see everything. No! People will just find out more. If it arrive or if it don't arrive then you gonna know what the f–k is going on."

It's clear by her statement that the more famous the 25-year-old becomes, the less inclined she is to share the intimate details of her private life, especially regarding her potentially growing family. No wonder her first studio album — set to be released today — is titled Invasion of Privacy. That said, her loose fitting outfit at the Invasion of Privacy premiere party on April 5 has only continued to fuel the pregnancy rumors.


As you can see, the Bronx native, who normally opts for curve-hugging dresses, wore a simple t-shirt, shorts, and jacket — stealing a look right out of the Kylie Jenner pregnancy-concealing playbook. With Cardi keeping a tight lid on things, it looks as if we'll just have to wait and see if she's really with child or if the explanation she gave back in October of "just getting fat" holds up!

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