Anything to help a friend, right? Chad Michael Murray admitted that he made out with Jamie Lee Curtis to make Lindsay Lohan less nervous about their onscreen kiss in Freaky Friday.

The One Tree Hill alum, 37, appeared on Busy Tonight on Thursday, April 18, to spill the deets. “I was Lindsay Lohan’s first kiss. Jamie Lee Curtis was there and she was kind of trying to settle the situation. Lindsay’s nerves were all over the place, as you would assume, right? [It’s] your first kiss … You’re like 16 years old,” he explained.

From there, he revealed exactly how it happened. “Jamie’s like, ‘Get in my trailer, c’mon.’ So we get in Jamie’s trailer and she’s talking to Lindsay, trying to get her to … ‘Just kiss him. C’mon. Just give him a pop kiss. it’s no big deal. Break the ice now.’ She goes, ‘Oh, c’mon.’ She just grabs me by the back if the head and makes out with me in the moment,” he told the TV host, 39.

Lindsay lohan and Chad Michael Murray
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“And at this point, I went [to myself], ‘Dude, I just made out with Jamie Lee Curtis This is great.’ Then that was it,” he concluded before offering advice to young people in the entertainment industry. “I think what you teach them is that there’s peaks and valleys, right? That you need to understand it’s a business. It’s a marathon. It is not a sprint,” he said.

Chad is currently starring in CW’s Riverdale, in which he plays Edgar Evernever the farm cult leader. It’s been a full circle moment for the actor who rose to fame as a teen heartthrob on the drama series One Tree Hill, in which he played Lucas Scott from 2003 to 2011. Now, he returned to a similar kind of atmosphere. The only difference is he’s a few years older and a dad now.

He’s still just as cool, though!