Queen of relatable, Busy Philipps, attempted to answer the question we’ve all been wondering: What’s it like to be a Kardashian? In honor of Kim Kardashian visiting the set of her show, Busy Tonight, this week, the actress decided to get Kardashian-ized to run her daily errands. She had to do everything from grocery shopping to picking up her daughter from school dressed in a wig and latex dress. If we’ve learned anything from this video it’s that the Kar-Jenners are probably, like, never comfortable.

Of course, any great Kardashian look starts with KKW contouring. Busy kicked off the day with a full “face beat” of makeup, including some super fierce eyebrows and false eyelashes. The TV host proclaimed that she now understands all the selfies the Kardashian’s take because she was “truly fascinated” by the way her face looked.

She then slipped into a latex dress and clear heels which is a very Kim thing to do. To top off the whole look, Busy wore a long, pin-straight, blonde wig. To secure everything in place, face tape was used under her wig which, apparently, is a thing people do. If you’ve ever wondered how some celebs have such nice faces, it’s all being held up by tape.

Busy Philipps Kim Kardashian makeover

After her complete transformation, Busy was ready to take on the town! First stop, the dry cleaners where she hilariously signed a headshot of Kim. At this point, Busy divulged that her head already hurt from wearing the wig. At the grocery store, the actress learned that “it’s hard to do things while you’re dressed this hot.”

Finally, she picked up her daughter from school and Cricket observed that Busy’s dress was “made out of balloons.” Her other daughter, Birdie, gave her mom a hug and accidentally got Nutella all over her dress. One huge perk of a latex outfit: Busy just wiped it clean with spray cleaner. Overall, a successful day.

The video is honestly so, so funny. Keep doing the Lord’s work, Busy.

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