If you’re a One Tree Hill fan, you may still not be over Sophia Bush and Chad Michael Murray‘s quick marriage followed by an even quicker annulment. Sophia has recently opened up about the aftermath of their five-month-long marriage in 2005 and the alleged “ugly” and “inappropriate” behavior of the producers.

Chad Michael Murray Sophia Bush One Tree Hill together
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“They were actually really deeply inappropriate to both of us about it. They ran TV ads about it. It was really ugly,” Sophia claimed during Dax Shepard‘s Armchair Expert podcast. One Tree Hill ran from 2003 to 2012 and, in that time, the actress claims they would use the cast member’s personal lives in the show.

“They made practice of taking advantage of people’s personal lives and not just for me and for my ex — for other actors on the show who would share,” Sophia explained. “Like, as you do when you get close to people, deeply personal things that were happening in their lives and they would wind up in storylines. It wasn’t OK. It just, like, wasn’t OK.”

Why did Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush break up
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Sophia isn’t making excuses for the “opportunistic” behavior of the producers anymore. “When you run a show, you’re like a parent. You’re supposed to protect your flock and it was the opposite of that,” she dished. “And I imagine that was hard for [Chad] as well. It was a very ugly situation on their part. I think they kind of lived for the drama.”

Sophia has always credited being young and naive as the reasoning behind her rollercoaster relationship with Chad. She told Dax during the podcast, “Being a super nerdy kid and suddenly you’re on TV and all this stuff is happening and one of the cool people you work with thinks you’re awesome, there’s really base brain stuff there.” Not sure in what realm Sophia would be considered a “nerdy kid,” but we get it.

One Tree Hill was an amazing show, but it sounds like some serious shadiness was happening behind the scenes.

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