They’re just like us! Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger are moving into their new place and learned the process isn’t always super simple. The couple took to social media to document their journey, which was made particularly difficult because they forgot to bring a tape measure. Oops! Instead, they proved just how creative they could be.

On Sunday, February 24, the Avengers star, 39, shared a pic of his future bride, 29, posing in different positions throughout the house. “When you need to see if your stuff will fit in the new place but you forgot the tape measure,” Chris wrote on Instagram. Too funny!

The Parks and Recreation alum and the Me and Maverick author seem like the ideal couple. Not only do they show off their silly side for their fans to see, but they also don’t mind revealing their softer side. They recently bonded over farm animals and it was super sweet.

On the same day, Chris shared a few pics of baby lambs. “Welcome Lamb #11 Alice Coopworth! Lamb Jam 2019 in full affect [sic],” the Guardians of the Galaxy star captioned one Instagram picture. “This new Coopworth is a cross of Border Leister Ewe ‘Zha-zha’ and Romney Ram ‘Rex Dangerfleece.’ She will supply beautiful silky wool for many years to come. Christmas stockings, pot holders, sweaters, scarves and hats all courtesy a happy, sustainably and lovingly raised Alice Coopworth. #farmlife.”

In another photo, Chris and Katherine posed with two snuggling lambs and we couldn’t decide which was cuter: The adorable animals or the fact that the couple is making these sweet memories.

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Clementine snuggles Cupid. The half sisters, daughters of Rex Dangerfleece get along well. We’ll see if that changes come middle school.

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Chris and Katherine got engaged in mid-January and they recently revealed that they’re leaning towards a winter or fall theme for their wedding. We can’t wait!