OK, OK, so Chris Pratt and Spencer Pratt aren’t technically related, but that didn’t stop the funny pair from showing off their hilarious “family outing” on January 27. The Avengers actor, 39, and MTV alum, 35, ran into each other at an MMA match in Englewood, CA, along with Spencer’s wife, Heidi Montag, and their 12-month-old son, Gunner.

“So good when two cousins can just get out and enjoy life, you know what I mean?” Chris joked in a video that The Hills: New Beginnings star posted on Instagram. “It’s really nice.”

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“It’s a family outing!” Spencer added, before Chris chimed in with “I haven’t seen my nephew, Gunner, since the birth. He’s grown so big! 16 months.” LOL, er, not quite … but nice try, buddy.  

TBH, Chris and Spencer could 100 percent pass as cousins. So it’s not entirely surprising that a bunch of people (and we mean *a bunch* of people) in the comments fell for their little prank. “Y’all look so much alike. OMG! I never knew,” one fan commented. “Wait, wait, wait … so are they cousins or not? I need to know,” added another.

Fortunately, some of Spencer’s followers were smart enough to call his bluff. “Haha come on, people. Of course they’re not really related,” someone clarified. “They just have the same last name, but I love this so much,” wrote another.

Given the fact that Spencer is basically beaming throughout the entire video, it’s clear that he’s been waiting for quite some time to reunite with his long lost “cousin.” We can’t lie, Chris and Spencer being friends is something we never knew we needed, but now that the day has finally come, we’re definitely here for it. We expect a family photo (preferably with ugly Christmas sweaters) sometime in the near future. Please and thank you, Pratt family.