In the wake of the recent Chris Pratt and Anna Faris split, you may feel lost and can only turn to Google for answers. Your heart sinks every time you plug in an inquiry: “How do I go on if I can no longer believe in love?” “If Chris and Anna can’t make it, am I destined to die alone?” And of course, “Is Chris Pratt related to Spencer Pratt?” Wait, what?

The mental image of the Parks and Rec goofball turned A-list hunk broing out with the villain from The Hills turned former villain from The Hills is rich. It’s clear, however, that some people think this is a possibility, that the two have had secret ties the entire time. On one hand, we understand that Hollywood is a small business built up on nepotism. When you see the same name recurring your first thought may be that it’s two celebrities born from the same show family. On the other hand, lol please, Chris and Spencer Pratt? Related?

The gift of the Internet is that it can answer almost any uncertainty that comes across your mind. So, we found out the most common questions people search for online when it comes to celebrity relations — and we’re going to confirm once and for all that these celebrities are _ not _ related (because of _ course _ they’re not).

Are Chris Pratt and Spencer Pratt related?

spencer and chris pratt

No. No they aren’t. We’re going to have you look at that side-by-side and contemplate how they can even be the same species let alone share genetic material.

Are Jennifer Garner and James Garner related?

jennifer and james garner

This we kind of understand if you’re a bottle of wine deep during a rom-com sesh and you’re wondering if the grandpa from The Notebook is concerned about all the Ben Affleck drama his daughter, 13 Going on 30’s Jenna, is going through. If you don’t overthink it, is isn’t crazy. But first of all, James Garner has passed away, and second of all, his original last name was Bumgarner. No relation.

Are Jennifer Lopez and Mario Lopez related?

jennifer and mario lopez

“Lopez” is a very, very common Hispanic surname. We should all just be better.

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Are Ryan Reynolds and Burt Reynolds related?

ryan and burt reynolds

So doing the math, Burt is 81 and Ryan is 40, so there could possibly be a father-son, uncle-nephew relation there. Nah, though, because Ryan has humble origins in Canada whereas Burt Reynolds is from Michigan. So, once again, no relation.

Are Mariah Carey and Jim Carrey related?

jim mariah

What? No. They literally don’t even spell their names the same. Come on.

Are Gina Rodriguez and Michelle Rodriguez related?

michelle and gina rodriguez

We’re going to point back to the “popular Spanish surname” explanation. No, the Jane the Virgin star and Fast and Furious actress don’t share a bloodline.

Are Emma Stone and Sharon Stone Related?

emma and sharon stone

No matter how much spray tan you cover Emma in, you cannot convince us this is a feasible relation. No.

Are Donald Glover and Danny Glover Related?

danny and donald glover

No, Childish Gambino does not call Roger Murtaugh “daddy.” At least, not for literal reasons.

Are Anna Kendrick and Kendrick Lamar related?

anna lamar kendrick

People actually Google this, you guys. The answer? Leave.