Shortly after announcing his split from wife Anna Faris, Chris Pratt made an appearance at last night's Teen Choice Awards in Los Angeles. The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 star was nominated (and won!) the choice movie sci-fi actor award. While his speech didn't mention Anna, he did speak candidly about his rise to fame in Hollywood.

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The actor joked about how when he first moved to LA, he was coming from Hawaii and had tan skin and blonde hair. "He [the agent] said, 'Wow, bro, you must surf.' And I said, 'Uh, yeah.' And that was the first of many lies that I've told to get to where I am today." The audience naturally got a kick out of his story — check out the rest of his speech below!

Chris and Anna broke all of our hearts when they announced their split. They shared with fans that while they are ending their eight-year marriage there is still a lot of love and respect between them. “We still love each other and we will always cherish our time together," they wrote in a joint statement. But, according to TMZ, it was actually Chris' desire to pursue his booming career as a movie star that drove them apart. Anna wanted more children and a traditional family, while Chris was satisfied with their son, Jack and wanted to take on more movie roles.

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He was also noticeably not wearing his wedding ring. But, despite his recent split, sources said he was in good spirits throughout the night. "I was surprised by how he looked to actually be having fun, and that he was there voluntarily," a source told People at the time, explaining that he "was friendly, outgoing and playful" during the festivities.

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