Honestly, Luna Stephens may be the most relatable celebrity baby ever. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend (being the wonderful parents that they are) decided to treat their daughter to a visit to see a clown IRL. We don’t know about you, but this could either be the most exciting moment or the scariest moment for a kid (or an adult, tbh). And Luna’s reaction was totally priceless. Watch the video below to see how Luna reacted to her clown visit!

Fans were understandably supportive of Luna’s less than thrilling experience. One fan wrote, “Get her out of there STAT! #saynotoclowns.” While another added, “How to give your child a life long phobia in one easy lesson ?.” While we don’t think it’s that serious there’s no denying that her reaction is pretty funny.

We guess this is just something she’ll have to deal with because she has such a funny mother. Plus, once her little brother arrives we’re sure she’ll love making him laugh in the same way her mom loves to make her laugh. We hope that one day she can grow up and smile with her parents about this moment!