Too cute! Chrissy Teigen shared the sweetest video of her daughter, Luna, feeding their pet hamster lettuce out of her hand and it’s the purest thing you’ll see all week. The cookbook author has previously shared many updates about their new pet named Peanut Butter, and it looks like the tiny furball has really found her place in the famous family.

The adorable video showed the 3-year-old feeding Peanut Butter a giant piece of lettuce as she chilled on the couch. Luna keeps getting her face closer to her pet and is thoroughly enjoying the precious moment. Luckily, Chrissy, 33, captured the whole thing and posted it on Twitter on Thursday, May 23.

Back in March, the former model shared the exciting news about their tiny family member. “Luna and I bought a hamster today. Her name is Peanut Butter. John [Legend] is not thrilled, which makes me love her more,” she tweeted about their pet. From that point, she took us on a wild ride of discovery that really educated the world on hamster maintenance.

It seems as though the Cravings author received some confusing directions. “They told us we can feed her anything. My mom said, ‘Rice?’ And they go, ‘No, not rice,'” one tweet read. Followed by another interesting piece of information, “They also said, ‘Don’t really touch her for a week. Then touch her a lot or she’ll bite you.’ It’s very confusing, being a hamster mom.”

Then, for no explainable reason, Peanut Butter started revolting against her cage. Note: We are not hamster experts, either.

Things seemingly went south when the star confessed, “I just went to take a picture of her and I honestly can’t find her.” However, it all turned out OK. Peanut Butter just needed a swankier home. “It’s condo is on its way. My mistake was buying a cage dumber than the hamster,” she wrote.

The mom-of-two also noted, “Honestly, I researched hamsters more than I did with babies.” It paid off because PB looks to be happy, healthy and in love with little Luna.

Please never change, Chrissy.