She’s not having it! Chrissy Teigen took to Twitter on January 16 to clap back at someone who criticized her for buying her son, Miles, a Gucci outfit. Thankfully, the 34-year-old had the most perfect response.

“Was it necessary for you to buy your son a Gucci tracksuit?” the person tweeted. Chrissy simply replied, “Yeah, bitch.” It all started when Chrissy shared a photo of her 20-month-old wearing his cute outfit while holding a sign, which revealed his age, interests and dislikes. “Update,” the Cravings author captioned it.

Chrissy Teigen's Tweet

This isn’t the first time the brunette beauty clapped back. In fact, it’s something she regularly does. However, for the most part, Chrissy uses social media to share adorable, funny stories about her kids or husband, John Legend.

In October, the mom of two gushed about a time her hubby made her feel better after she was having a rough time. “I do not normally brag about John, as it is my schtick to make fun of him always, but he flew from London to L.A. instead of London to D.C. to have dinner with me and watch Love Island U.K. because I haven’t been feeling like myself lately,” she tweeted at the time. “Just a few hours but it meant a lot. Thank you.”

Don’t worry, though, Chrissy still roasts the 41-year-old singer any chance she gets. When a fan asked her what’s her main pet peeve about John, Chrissy did not hold back. “Scheduling,” she replied in a tweet from December. “He will tell me something he knows I didn’t hear and get mad when I am confused later. ‘Hey, I’ll take Luna to school today. Also, I’m going to Washington D.C. next week.'”

It’s a good thing John doesn’t mind his wife putting him on blast. If anything, he accepts her the way she is. “Chrissy’s the one because we have great chemistry, she  all the time,” he told People in November. “She’s . She’s my best friend and she , too.” That’s relationship goals right there!