Another surprise marriage! Colleen Ballinger had so much to celebrate in 2018. She fell in love, got pregnant, and gave birth to her first child with Erik Stocklin. But in a New Year’s YouTube video, she shocked fans by revealing that she hit one more massive milestone… she got married!

Colleen sat down for a video recapping “the craziest year of her entire life,” and fans got a little more than they bargained for. “I got pregnant, and engaged, and married, all in the same year,” she said. “Yeah, we got married. Oops, forgot to tell you that one.”

Colleen may have played it cool with the big news, but her fans definitely didn’t. As soon as they realized what she just said, they rushed to Twitter to share their thoughts. “COLLEEN IS MARRIED WHAT A LITTLE LIAR!” said one shook fan. “B–CH HOLD ON COLLEEN GOT MARRIED ??” demanded another. Apparently, all caps are a must when you find out your fave YouTube had a secret wedding.

However, not everyone was exactly surprised. There have been plenty of clues that the pair had tied the knot, after all. “I’m not too shocked that Colleen and Erik got married, like he did comment ‘my wife’ on one of her Instagram posts,” wrote one fan. Another agreed, saying, “I love how everyone is surprised you got married. It’s not like Erik wearing a wedding ring, you calling each other wife and husband, and being absolutely in love wasn’t enough…😂” All very good points.

Plus, the couple is already bound for life by their adorable little bundle of joy, who was born on Dec. 10. She celebrated New Year’s with her husband and son, writing, “There’s nowhere else I’d rather be on New Year’s Eve. Love these boys more than anything! Happy New Year everyone!” How darn cute!