It’s happening! YouTuber Colleen Ballinger, also known as her alter-ego Miranda Sings, took to Twitter on Dec. 10 to reveal that she’s in the hospital awaiting the arrival of her first baby with boyfriend Erik Stocklin! Fans were super excited, and so was Colleen’s famous pal Ariana Grande, who rushed to Twitter to share her excitement!

“Oh……… my god,” Colleen tweeted, beginning the mayhem. Fans immediately thought it meant her water broke, and Ari’s response seemed make them even more sure. “omg @colleenb123,” she said, to which Colleen wrote, “😳 omgomgomg.” Ari followed up saying. “I love you so much @colleenb123.” Not long after, Colleen shared a photo from a hospital bed drinking Starbucks and playing with her phone with the caption, “here we go! 😬”

Just one day earlier, Colleen opened up to fans on Instagram Stories about how desperate she was to give birth. “If you’re wondering how I’m doing, the answer is horrible,” she said while laying on the couch. “I’m just super pregnant waiting for this freaking kid to get out of there. Get out!” She pulled up her shirt to reveal her huge tummy, and went on to explain that her pregnancy has been rough.

“It really could be any day now that we’re meeting him though. I’m super excited, I just want to meet him and hold him and kiss him, he’s going to be so cute! It’s any day at this point so I’m just ready to have him out of me because I hate being pregnant. I’ve just had a really horrible, horrible, horrible pregnancy for some reason.”

Well, it sounds like she doesn’t have much longer to go now! We bet Ari can’t wait to meet the little guy. The duo proved they’re close friends when Colleen appeared in Ari’s “Thank U, Next” video a couple of weeks ago, and Ari shared a pic kissing Colleen’s baby bump. Good luck Colleen: don’t forget to breath and PUSH!