Fans were absolutely stunned and devastated when Colleen Ballinger, famous for her character Miranda Sings, announced she was splitting from her partner of over nine years, Joshua Evans in late 2016. But the 31-year-old turned their frowns upside down in June 2018 when she revealed that not only did she have a new man, but that she was engaged and expecting her first child with Erik Stocklin! Read on to find out more about the man who Colleen is dating.

Erik isn't a web star

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While fans had seen plenty of 35-year-old Erik on Instagram, they didn't realize that Colleen was dating him until she did a video re-creating fan fiction with her "boyfriend." The next time fans saw Erik, it was when Colleen and him were announcing their pregnancy and engagement. "Erik and I have kept our relationship pretty private," explained Colleen. "Erik is not an internet person, he's so shy and sweet and social media and the internet is not really his thing, so we've kept our relationship very privtae and that's how we've been."

But Erik is a television star

Erik may not be a YouTube personality, but he has serious acting chops. He rose to fame with recurring roles in First Day, Mistresses, and Stalker. He also had bit parts in Vampire Diaries, Bones, Girlboss, and most recently Timeless. But Miranda's fans got to know him in her hit Netflix show Haters Back Off, where he plays Miranda's best-friend-turned-love-interest Patrick.

Colleen met Erik while she was still married

Interestingly, the Haters Back Off storyline isn't too far from hers when it comes to their relationship. Colleen and her husband split in late 2016, and she began filming with Erik in April 2016, so some fans worried there may be overlap, but Miranda set that straight. "We started out as friends and then it turned into best friends in the whole world and that slowly turned into more, but when it turned into more we very quickly realized this is my person." And haters really can back off, because Miranda is wildly happy. "Erik and I have a great relationship," she explained in a video. "We knew we want to be married, we want to have a family together, we want to grow old together." Good luck, you two!