It was back at the end of the summer that ColourPop first announced it would be sold at Sephora, and, honestly, we have not stopped freaking out about the ColourPop x Sephora launch! In anticipation, the company is revealing a new product that will hit shelves every day until the actual release, which falls on Oct. 31.

ColourPop has become an Internet sensation. And though it's a relatively new brand, only launching less than three years ago, it's come close to rivaling Kylie Jenner's near-billion-dollar beauty brand Kylie Cosmetics. And, needless to say, fans are eagerly waiting for its retail debut!

"ColourPop is coming to Sephora," one user wrote, "my bank account is not prepared." Another added, "ColourPop’s Golden State of Mind palette at Sephora is so gorgeous I need to get my hands on it."

Each product will be a Sephora exclusive. If you want to try on the makeup though, don't get your hopes up, because the products will only be available at 50 stores across the nation. They will, however, be available online starting Oct. 31.

Co-founder and President of ColourPop Laura Nelson opened up about the collaboration. “We want to evolve the model of how brands and retailers work together on initiatives and programs, bring speed and flexibility to the platform and provide the consumer an experience, value, and product that is unrivaled,” she said. “We are proud to partner with Sephora, who shares our vision for revolution, not evolution. We will deliver original products that have unprecedented, unparalleled, and unwavering value to the consumer. We are redefining what luxury means in beauty; it's no longer defined by price point."

Keep scrolling to see all the products that are being released, which we'll be updating daily!