Over before it even begins? Tracy Shapoff is set to appear as one of the contestants on Colton Underwood‘s season of The Bachelor. The premiere episode airs on Jan. 7, but it looks like Tracy is already looking ahead to other business ventures. The (soon-to-be?) reality star has a page on Cameo, a website where people can pay celebrities to record personalized videos, and she’s charging a fat rate.

Cameo is a pretty well-known site, especially for people in the reality TV world. Bachelor Nation favorites like Ben Higgins, Wills Reid, and Eric Bigger all have pages where fans can hire them to give video shoutouts.

The difference? Ben, Wills, and Eric have all actually been on our TV screens already. Tracy seems like she’s jumping the gun a bit. Another surprising thing is that Tracy is charging $200 for her personal videos while Ben and Eric charge $50 and Wills only charges $20.

So, does this mean Tracy is going to make a huge splash on The Bachelor? Not necessarily — the stylist may have just not looked to see what other Bachelor people were charging. However, the brunette beauty’s Cameo page has since been deleted and a rep for the stylist said “she will set a reasonable price which will help her engage with her fans” once she relaunches the page.

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Tracy has already gotten some heat from people after fans from the show uncovered racist and fat-shaming tweets that the contestant originally posted in 2010 and 2011. On Dec. 7 she posted a public apology for the tweets on Instagram.

“I want to start by expressing my sincerest apologies for the extremely hurtful words that I said many years ago. I’m so sorry for those who I have offended,” the 31-year-old wrote. “I am beyond mortified that I ever had those thoughts and then proceeded to express them. By no means does this reflect the person who I am today.”

She continued in the multi-slide post, “In the many years since writing those tweets, I have made a conscious effort not to be judgmental and to be accepting of all people.”

We’ll have to wait and see fan’s reactions to Tracy on premiere night to see if the dust has settled. Until then, maybe keep your rates down?

The Bachelor Season 23 premieres on ABC Monday, Jan. 7, at 8 p.m. ET.

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