Are you ready for it? Chris Harrison, who hosts The Bachelor, had quite a lot to say to say about the new season that’s about to start. Once we’re back in Bachelor Nation season on Jan. 7, we should probably expect to see some tears, some drama, and a whole lot of shirtless Colton Underwood, this season’s leading man. But Chris let the world in on what’s to come this season, and apparently, we’re all in for a “gut-wrenching, wild ride” with our next Bachelor.

“Once you get to see him and know him, everyone is going to fall in love with him and really respect that he is so open, so vulnerable, so emotional,” Chris revealed to E! News.

colton underwood chris harrison
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So far so good! But… at the same time, it sounds like we might be crying all season. If Chris’s words tell us anything, a season full of tears might not be far from the truth. “It’s a pretty gut-wrenching, wild ride with him,” he said, letting us all in on exactly how emotional we’re about to be, come January.

Chris couldn’t help but make the comparison to past Bachelor, Sean Lowe, who was quite reserved when competing for The Bachelorette but he showed fans who he really is during his season of The Bachelor. “Everyone thought they kind of knew Sean but didn’t really get to know him until his season. That’s the way it is for Colton,” Chris got real with E! News. “Colton opens up and I think people are going to be blown away.”

We know that Colton isn’t always everyone’s favorite dude. Remember that little tryst he had with Tia Booth before he became a contestant on her friend Becca Kufin’s season of The Bachelorette? When Becca found out about it, she was not too happy with him, and even though she kept him around for a while after his confession, she eventually ended up sending him home because she just wasn’t feeling him.

But hey. People make mistakes! We’re willing to start fresh with Colton and give him a chance. Let’s hope he really does blow us away. We’re ready for ya, Colt!

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