It's been an extremely rough couple months for Kristi Warriner and Justin Nelson.

At 25 weeks, Warriner gave birth to twins J.J. and Colt, though Colt died in the womb. J.J., who weighed a meager 1 pound, 13 ounces at birth, immediately began fighting for his life.

Eleven weeks later, the tiny infant remains in Cook Children's Medical Center, now weighing 6 pounds, 8 ounces — and his strength has inspired his parents to do something monumental: get married!


(Photo Credit: NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth)

The North Texas couple tied the knot next to their son's bedside so they could hold his hand throughout the ceremony (we're gonna need the WHOLE box of tissues).

Both Warriner and Nelson dressed the part, while J.J. wore a tuxedo-style onesie. The bride's 8-year-old daughter was also on hand to serve as flower girl.

"We thank God every day for J.J. getting better and stronger," Warriner said during the wedding, adding afterwards, "Our mission behind all this was to hopefully let others [know]…they are not alone."

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Although JJ is expected to remain in the NICU for several more weeks, his family is hopeful he'll be home by Christmas!

Watch footage from their wedding below: