Just a head’s up, you may not want to read this story at work, because we guarantee you’ll be bawling by the end of it! A tweet from 21-year-old Bailey Sellers is going viral after she revealed that her father, Michael — who passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2013 — had prepaid for bouquets of flowers to be delivered on her birthday following his death. The Tennessee native revealed the final one came on Nov. 24. Read her heartbreaking post in the video below:

In the last note to his daughter on her 21st birthday, Michael wrote, “Bailey, This is my last love letter to you until we meet again. I do not want you to shed another tear for me my baby girl for I am in a better place. You are and will always be the most precious jewel I was given… Be happy and live life to the fullest. I will still be with you through every milestone, just look around and there I will be.”

“It means the world to me,” Bailey said of the card, according to the New York Times. “I’m going to cherish that for the rest of my life.” When she was just a sophomore in high school, Bailey decided to be home-schooled so she could help care for her ailing father. The then-16-year-old would get his medicine and cook while her mom was at work. “I’m really happy I did do that because I got to spend every second with him, and I don’t have any regrets,” she shared.

Bailey was stunned to receive that first bouquet on her 17th birthday, but admitted that she’s been dreading her 21st knowing it would be the last time she’d hear from her dad. But the support she’s gotten from her tweet — which has over 1.5 million likes and more than 366K retweets — has helped. “It’s overwhelming, and also exciting that everyone knows who Mike Sellers is,” she said. “It makes me really happy.”