It’s no secret that a Speedo-clad Daniel Maguire will be returning to Bachelor in Paradise. However, fans of the reality dating competition will be surprised to know that the Canadian hottie takes credit for Carly Waddell and Evan Bass‘ romance.

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On last year’s season of BiP, Carly and Evan’s relationship did not start out on the best foot. Luckily for them, Daniel was there to help. In an interview with Life & Style, Daniel claims he was the reason the recently wed couple made it down the aisle — and are expecting their first child together. “I made that happen,” he said. “Evan was first interested in Amanda [Stanton] and Amanda wasn’t feeling it. Then he said, ‘I don’t know who else I’m here for,’ and I talked to Carly for a bit… Carly is an awesome girl.

“So I was trying to convince both parties… and everything started working out. And now look, they’re married — thanks to Daniel,” he added. Yes, he referred to himself in third person, but that’s why we love him.

daniel carly waddell getty

Daniel with Carly on Season 3 of BiP.

But will Daniel, 32, be able to play matchmaker for himself this time around? While he has yet to land in Mexico, one contestant has already made it clear she has her eye on the personal trainer. “I came to Paradise to find my person,” Lacey Mark said on the show. “I would love a date card. If I got a date card, maybe I wouldn’t feel borderline rejected. There’s no one here interested in talking to me at all. I’m annoyed because people that I want to be here are not here — like Daniel.”

She continued, “Daniel’s like the whole package for me. I feel like nothing is going to happen for me unless Daniel comes.”

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Well, her wish will soon come true! In a teaser for Season 4, the pair can be seen getting hot and heavy behind closed doors – and Daniel even mentions filming a sex tape with the brunette beauty. “The most successful people in life are people who make sex tapes,” he says in the video. “Kardashians, Paris Hilton, so I think it’s a great opportunity for us.”