This season of Bachelor in Paradise, we're rooting for Danielle Maltby. The neonatal nurse from Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor is trying to find love six years after the tragic death of her fiancé Nick Haag.

When Danielle, 32, made her reality television debut earlier this year she was very open about her past relationship. On the first one-on-one date of her season, the blonde beauty told Nick about her traumatic experience. "I was engaged and five and a half years ago he passed away," she said at the time. "He overdosed on drugs and I found him. I didn't know he was an addict so it was a complete shock."

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Nick Haag died at the age of 29 just three months after proposing, and according to his obituary, he was a "very talented musician." "He moved to Nashville in 2005 to play guitar with the Wayne Mills Band until 2008 and then joined Chasin' Mason until fall of 2010, at which time he and friend 'JJ' began playing acoustic shows under the name of 'Barkeep' and had plans for the future by going back to Nashville to perform," it read.

Ironically enough, both Danielle's fiancé and Nick V. grew up in the same town of Waukesha, WI. Following his death, Danielle moved to Nashville and got the word "strength" tattooed on her left ring finger. As she said in her ABC bio, she "moved to Nashville and put myself back together.” Danielle still pays homage to her former love on Instagram, sharing a "Rest in Peace" photo on her social media page last year.

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So will Danielle find love again on the reality dating competition? Danielle is teasing her appearance on BiP, writing, "Who do you think will win the key to my heart?" And we can't wait to tune in and find out!

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