No shade to the rest of the couples in Hollywood, but Dax Shepard and his wife, Kristen Bell, are legit what every relationship should look like. They’re playful with one another, supportive of each other’s ventures and not to mention, absolutely stellar parents to their daughters — Lincoln, 5, and Delta, 4. That’s why when we came across this interview of the Parenthood alum, 44, admitting that he once had doubts about ending up with The Good Place star, 38, we were floored … and that’s putting it mildly.

During his appearance on Off Camera with Sam Jones, the actor detailed what the early days of courtship with Kristen looked like. “I have this very weird mix of not thinking I’m good looking, general low self-esteem, chip on my shoulder that I’m dumb because I was dyslexic, all these things, yet, unbridled arrogance in relationships,” Dax admitted. 

“I’ve always been that way, I don’t know how to explain it … I’ve always felt very confident in relationships.” We love the funnyman and all, but we’re pretty sure that’s the literal definition of a f–kboi, right? 

“So I never, ever, ever was like, ‘Oh, I hope I can keep Kristen,'” Dax continued. “I was going, ‘Do I want to be with a Christian, who has eight people living in her house for free? Who has to get out of a car when there’s a dog that doesn’t have a leash and ruin her whole day to rescue this dog? That’s great and she’s good, but that’s not what I wanna do, I’m not that good, I don’t want to spend my day finding the owner of a dog.” Aw, well, based on that explanation, Dax’s reservations were seemingly less about Kristen and more about himself. 

“I wasn’t fearful I would lose her, I wasn’t certain I wanted to be with someone like that, and then what happened, which could’ve only happened the way it did … is that she never, ever said to me, ‘You could be a little better of a person.’ She never, ever suggested that I should do that.” 

As we all know, Dax did eventually come around to Kristen’s way of living all on his own. Phew. Let that be a lesson to you, fellas, a good woman is worth changing for.