Meatball power! On Monday, February 3, Deena Cortese clapped back at a troll who mocked her early days on reality TVFirst, the NJ native, 33, posted a funny meme about Jennifer Lopez and Shakira’s performance on February 2: “I read somewhere that this year’s Super Bowl halftime show wasn’t appropriate for children. Well, ma’am, I saw Janet Jackson’s entire boob as a child and I turned out just fine.” 

Deena captioned the post with, “I’m sorry, but Shakira and J. Lo killed it! Those moms did their thing at 43 and 50!” Pretty popular opinion, right? Well, one person didn’t think so. “Oh, yeah? Perhaps you should look at yourself back in your Jersey Shore days,” the user commented. 

Jersey Shore Cast 2012

Thankfully, Deena wasted no time putting this hater in their place. “It all made me the woman I am now, honey … And yes, I may have been crazy in my very early 20s, but now, I’m an amazing mother, caring wife and strong woman that knows exactly who I am,” she began. “I will always bring others up rather than bring them down … unlike your comment and clearly, who you are.” 

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how it’s done! Naturally, Deena’s fans rallied to support her epic response. “Jealous much? Everyone had a good time in their 20s. It doesn’t make someone a bad person just because it was filmed! Thank God mine wasn’t,” one person wrote. 

Deena Cortese and Son CJ
Courtesy of Deena Cortese/Instagram

“You do not owe anyone an explanation. It is clear you are not that person anymore and have blossomed into this beautiful mama. S–t, no one is an angel in their 20s … I sure wasn’t,” added another. “They’re ready to throw out hateful comments … yet, they choose to follow you. Jealousy is a powerful thing. Love all these posts!” a third person chimed in, while a fourth echoed, “Clearly, Jersey Shore was never meant to be a family show, so your input is irrelevant.”

Our thoughts exactly! Deena is a fantastic mama to her baby boy, CJ, no matter what wild antics she used to get up to. 

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