Killing them with kindness! Demi Lovato took to Instagram on Tuesday, July 2, to address a very hateful post, which commented on her weight and the 26-year-old had the perfect response.

The person shared two now-deleted candid paparazzi photos of the singer wearing sweats along with a rude caption. “Hey Demi, DM me so we can discuss a diet plan for you,” they wrote. Demi took no time to reply. “I actually am choosing not to diet and fall back into unhealthy behaviors at the risk of losing my sanity or mental health, but thank you for the offer! Super sweet,” she responded along with a pink heart emoji. Yes, girl!

demi lovato

It’s not surprising to see the Disney alum address things so publicly these days, especially considering she likes to keep her fans in the loop of what’s going on in her life. Most recently, she took to her Instagram story to tease some juicy deets regarding her upcoming music.

“You know what’s great about making an album?” she wrote on June 25. “You get to say anything you want, be as open and honest as possible and finally tell your side of the story regardless of who might not like it.” This new Demi is a whole mood!

The “Sorry Not Sorry” crooner has come a long way in just a year’s time. In July 2018, she experienced an overdose, which led her to be hospitalized before entering a rehab center for three months. Shortly after, she dated Henri Levy for about four months. Since then, she’s been focusing on her health and career.

In May, Demi revealed Scooter Braun is her new manager, which is causing quite the controversy because Taylor Swift recently called him out for being a “bully” after she found out he is the new owner of her music catalog. Demi has not yet commented on the issue, but considering she’s often vocal, it could happen!