Summer is a wacky time for your skin — but there are ways to tame the beast. In fact, Dr. Shari Marchbein, a board-certified dermatologist, spoke with Life & Style exclusively about the best way to handle your summer skincare routine in order to keep your face fresh. Oh, and as blemish-free as possible.

“In the summertime, acne often flares up because we’re wearing more sunscreen and we’re sweating more,” the doc explained while promoting her work with St. Ives on their new line of cleansers and lip scrubs, as well as their #NatureReset initiative. “Those are reasons we tend to break out more. It’s more humid. The sunscreen is great and we need to wear it but it can cause breakouts.”

Naturally, the best way to combat this is to build an effective routine. “Always stick with gentle cleansers, twice a day. You can do a gentle exfoliation three times a week in the summer,” Shari, who specializes in acne treatment, detailed. “That’s nice because often we’re a bit more oily. If you’re more sensitive, stick with once a week. It kind of depends on what your skin is.”

Another crucial part of your routine should be moisturizing. The dermatologist really went in deep when it came to setting us up for our softest summer faces and bods.

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I’m sharing all of my favorite go-to products from sunscreens, to serums to cleansers and moisturizers. My splurge items are a prescription Retin-A for nighttime and a Vit C antioxidant serum in the morning. Almost everything else can be found at your local drugstore so beautiful, healthy skin does not have to cost a fortune. I have sensitive yet acne prone skin so all of my recs are oil-free and should not cause breakouts. Keep in mind that everyone’s skin is different so use what you love and feel works for you. • 1)Soap: I use exclusively @dove sensitive skin body wash. For the face, I’m obsessed with @simpleskincare micellar gel wash @cerave @stivesskin @neutrogena gentle facial cleansers. I use a gentle scrub (like @stivesskin) a few times a week. Loving @stivesskin sugar lip scrub also. • 2)Moisturizer: I use a thick moisturizer like @cerave moisturizing cream right after showering all over my body even in the summer. @vaselinebrand lotion is a great lighter option for summer. For face, I use @ponds Clarant B3 @alastinskincare @esteelauder or @elizabetharden Prevage City Smart SPF 50 (splurge worthy) in the morning and love @neutrogena hydroboost @dovedermaseries @simpleskincare water boost for nighttime. • 3)Eyes and lips: I sleep with @vaselinebrand @aquaphorus or @skinbetter on eyelids. Ointments are also great for lips. I also use Retin A for anti-aging to my entire face (be careful in the sun). • 4)Antioxidants: I use @skinceuticals Phloretin or @skinbetter alto defense under sunscreen every morning. I love @skinbetter @esteelauder and @skinceuticals AHA/BHA treatments. • 5)Body breakouts: I use 10% benzoyl peroxide wash in the shower (Panoxyl). • 6)Sunscreen: See tags in pic. For lips, @eltamdskincare SPF 41 balm, @freshbeauty @cerave and @colorescience or @isdinusa brush-on SPF 50 are perfect over makeup. • 7)Hair: I love @kerastase_official to leave on my color treated locks. • #drsharimarchbein #skin #nyc #healthyskin #summerskin #sunscreen #beauty #skincare #antiaging #micellarwater #skincareroutine #itgtopshelfie #vanity #igskincare #makeup #skincaretips #moisturizer #cleanser

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“I would do really good moisturizing once or twice a day, a moisturizer with sunscreen. You’re looking for non-comedogenic, oil free, fragrance free products,” she said. “Something with a sunscreen in the morning and something that’s a little bit heavier at nighttime if you’re feeling dry. Don’t hesitate to moisturize if you have acne.”

In particular, keeping an eye out for key ingredients is smart. “You want to look for ingredients like glycerine and petrolatum and ceramides and hyaluronic acid and dimethicone and other really good hydrating, emollient ingredients in your moisturizers,” Shari explained.

But if you’re really in the throes of some serious acne flair ups this summer, it might be time to take it to the doctor once and for all. “See a dermatologist for [acne help] because the studies show on average people use 13 over-the-counter acne products before they see a dermatologist for help,” the doc revealed.

“Acne is a chronic condition just like high blood pressure, diabetes or anything else. I’m not curing it, we are controlling it,” she continued. “So the key is to find a board-certified dermatologist who can really give you an appropriate routine because for women, especially when we’re ovulating and mid-cycle, we need something hormonal to control that. That’s where I would start.”