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Did Bachelor’s Victoria Fuller Get Plastic Surgery? What She’s Said About Breast Implants, Injections

Gorgeous girl! Bachelor Nation star Victoria Fuller was stunning when she first appeared as contestant on Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor, and she’s somehow upped her look since then. Has she had plastic surgery? Keep reading for everything we know!

Did Victoria Fuller Get Plastic Surgery?

The Virginia Beach native hasn’t spoken directly about going under the knife, but it was revealed she got breast implants before she appeared on season 24. 

When her ABC bio was first released before the premiere date in January 2020, it mentioned how she got a “revenge body” and “revenge boobs” after a bad break up, multiple outlets reported at the time. The bio noted that she “loved” her updated look, but those details were quickly deleted. It’s unclear why the network opted to edit the contestant’s bio. 

Did Victoria Fuller Get Injections?

Although Victoria rarely makes comments about her appearance, she shut down speculation that she was getting injections in her nose to change the shape in September 2020. 

“Why does her nose keep getting bigger?” a commenter on Instagram wrote. “Does she do injections to her nose and lips, anybody know? It’s like caricature nose type of big now. I don’t remember her looking like this on TV.”

The influencer clapped back, “No, bitch, I don’t inject my nose. Weird flex but OK.”

What Procedures Has Victoria Fuller Done?

Victoria has been pretty candid when it comes to other procedures she’s undergone. She has shown her journey getting Lasik surgery to rid herself of wearing contact lenses and going to a spa to try Morpheus 8, a micro-needling procedure that utilizes radiofrequency energy to remodel and contour the face. The brunette beauty has also given a very detailed look at getting her back tattoo removed. 

“I have four tattoos — this one being the largest reminder I no longer want or need,” Victoria wrote via Instagram in January 2021 about the ink between her shoulder blades, which appeared to be a large dreamcatcher. “Wish I could have told 19-year-old me ‘NO!’”

The medical sales rep confirmed the procedure “hurts a lot,” adding, “A tattoo takes an hour. To get it removed will take me over a year. Make sure you remember that.”

That being said, the reality TV starlet noted that she is not against tattoos but thought getting rid of hers was the best choice. “I have no issues with people getting tattoos BTW,” she explained. “I think they can be beautiful. But mine no longer serve me!”

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