While Taylor Swift prefers to keep her love life private, fans are going wild that she may have secretly dated Drake. The rapper shared a very personal Instagram throwback photo of the pair, buried at the end of a carousel of April 18 snapshots that also included his son, Adonis, and a concert picture.

Drake is seen holding Taylor from behind, with his arm wrapped around her from shoulder to shoulder. The “Blank Space” singer lovingly leans into his arm with a look of contentment on her face. She also has both of her hands up, holding on to Drake’s right hand that rests on her left shoulder.

Judging by Taylor’s hair and aesthetic, it appears the photo was taken some time during her 1989 period in the mid 2010s. Now fans are wondering if she and Drizzy had a secret romance during that time.

Drake captioned the photo series, “They too soft to understand the meaning of hard work.” Fans took to Twitter to speculate why the “In My Feelings” artist would randomly share his sweet photo with Taylor today. “Why TF is drake hugging Taylor Swift like that?!” one person asked.

More fans believed that the two have a collaboration coming out. “Remember there were rumors about Drake x Taylor swift collab during 1989 era? What if that song is in the vault tracks?” one person asked, while another added about the photo, “This tells me, there’s a secret collab from @taylorswift13 and @Drake somewhere … either in a vault or about to be recorded.”

One fan predicted that whatever the two have going will be unveiled at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards on May 15. “So #bbmas tweeted, ‘Big announcement this week’ in a cryptic Taylor Swift way and at the same day Drake posted a picture with Taylor. THIS CANT BE A COINCIDENCE SOMETHING REALLY IS COMING,” the user declared. 

The pair definitely aren’t a couple today, as Taylor is engaged to actor Joe Alwyn, multiple sources exclusively told Life & Style in February 2022. She began dating the British hunk in the fall of 2016. While Taylor rarely speaks about their romance, the “Lover” singer gave him a shout-out onstage after winning Album of the Year at the 2021 Grammy Awards. “Joe, who is the first person that I sing every single song that I write,” Taylor gushed, adding that she had “so much fun writing songs in quarantine” with him.