From ‘Teardrops on My Guitar’ to ‘Folklore’: Behold Taylor Swift’s Transformation Through the Years

She’s come a long way! Taylor Swift first stepped into the spotlight at just 16. Nearly two decades later she’s still making killer music, like her latest albums Folklore and Evermore, speaking her mind and looking more gorgeous than ever.

Through the years, the “Delicate” artist — who turns 31 on December 13, 2020 — has never been afraid to change up her hair, style or music. However, the past year has brought an even newer version of Taylor. She’s more outspoken about her beliefs and doesn’t care who hears her.

Taylor Swift Transformation
Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock

The songstress opened up about her journey through the music industry while accepting the award for Album of the Year during the 2019 American Music Awards in November. “This industry is really weird, [those] who do what we do feel like — I am sure some of you feel like this too with your lives — you feel like your stock is either up or down, they either like you or don’t,” the Grammy winner confessed. “But people that hang in there for you are the ones you will never forget.”

She was sure to shout out her inner circle and fans for keeping her going through the years. “This year for me has been a lot, a lot of good, a lot of really complicated … and so on behalf of my family and me, thank you so much for being there and for caring,” she added. “This is crazy, tonight was an amazing night, full of unforgettable performances. I am lucky to be here, I know that every step of the way.”

Of course, success comes with inevitable downs. Fans waited three years between her  and 2017’s . Even after dropping Reputation, Taylor continued to stay in hiding. This was around the time she had her now-infamous feud with  and . “There have been times where I needed to take years off because I just felt exhausted, or I felt like, really low or really bad,” she explained during an interview on the  on April 29.

Through everything, Taylor always gets back up. Check out the gallery below for a look at her complete transformation!