As time passes, Jennifer Lopez somehow manages to look better than before — proving she is an ageless queen. It’s evident the 49-year old does everything in her power to be healthy and look good. The pop star is known to be a gym junkie, which definitely explains her incredible physique, including that amazing six-pack. However, when it comes to a different part of her bod, like her breasts, some believe she may have gotten some work done.

Though they’ve never treated J. Lo personally, two plastic surgeons weighed in to give their expert opinion on whether or not she got her breasts enhanced. According to Dr. Manish Shah, Board Certified Denver, CO Plastic Surgeon, he thinks it’s possible she had work done, but if she did, it’s very minimal.

“She looks amazing! It is clear that she’s got a fabulous trainer helping her get that kind of body,” he began. “That being said, if she’s had breast implants placed, they are small and low profile enough that they are totally believable as natural implant-free breasts.”

On the other hand, Dr. Matthew Schulman, New York City Board Certified Plastic Surgeon is leaning more toward the idea that Jennifer definitely got a breast augmentation. “J. Lo always appears to be in a time machine. She looks better and better with age, which defies logic,” he explained.

“Her recent bikini pics shows her sculpted abs. It also shows that she may have had a modest chest enhancement,” he continued. “Unfortunately, diet and exercise [are] unable to overcome many changes that occur with aging and pregnancy. So, while I don’t doubt that she has the best trainers, supplements, diet, and workout regimen around, I think very small breast implants may be in play here too. She looks great.”

Whatever the case is, we think she looks great no matter what!