Someone’s getting a little too comfortable… literally. On both Nov. 11 and Nov. 13, Sofia Richie took to Instagram to picture herself snuggling up on what appears to be Scott Disick’s couch and we’re just like ??? To be clear, we aren’t shading the 20-year-old for spending so much time laying down — we just want to know if she and Scott are living together! Let’s investigate, shall we? 

Well, as it happens, back in July, a source close to the A-list pair told Us Weekly that they were definitely shacking up! “Scott and Sofia are moving in together,” the source said. “She’ll move into his house,” they added.


That said, a lot has happened between Scott and Sofia since July that could have potentially deterred their housewarming plans. For starters, just one month after they reportedly decided to move in together, Scott confessed during an episode of KUWTK that he plans on getting back together with his baby mama, Kourtney Kardashian.

“We always said we’d try to get back together when we’re 40,” the father-of-three told Khloé KardashianShortly thereafter, reports began to surface that Sofia is totally not OK with Scott’s relationship with Kourtney — especially when it comes to the former flames taking family trips together.

“Sofia is trying her hardest to be super cool about it all, and pretend like it doesn’t faze her that Scott and Kourtney took the kids to New York together, but of course it does,” a source previously told Hollywood Life after Scott and Kourt took their three kids — Mason, 8, Penelope, 6, and Reign, 3 — to NYC.

“Sofia is really struggling when it comes to how close Scott is to Kourtney,” they added. “It’s a never-ending source of angst for her. Sofia is convinced that Scott is still totally in love with Kourtney and that if Kourtney would take him back Sofia believes he would drop her in a heartbeat.”

Sadly, it doesn’t seem like Sofia’s insecurities over her man and his ex have lessened. Most recently, an insider revealed to Heat magazine that the model thinks Scott and Kourtney are having an affair. Sigh.

“[Sofia] heavily suspects that Scott and Kourt have been sleeping together and, while she’s able to put it out of her mind most of the time, sometimes it just consumes her,” the source explained. 

TBH, with all of Scott’s never-ending baby mama drama, we wouldn’t blame Sofia for wanting to keep a seriously close eye on him. Then again, you shouldn’t move in with someone just to make sure they’re not cheating! Man, this love triangle continues to get more and more twisted.

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