There have been several frontrunners on this season of The Bachelor so far, but Elyse Dehlbom made a name for herself on the recent episode that aired on Jan. 14. On the first group date, Colton Underwood, 26, took the ladies to meet celeb couple Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman, who then explained that they would be describing their “firsts.” Yes, that kind of first. While many of the contestants were nervous, Elyse, 31, stepped up to the plate and used her age to her advantage, since she is the oldest one in the group.

“I’ve always dated my age or maybe just a little bit older…like two, three, 13 years older,” the red-headed beauty admitted. “My twenties taught me a lot about life, but now I find myself in my very early thirties and for the first time, dating a younger man. Now, it’s my turn to teach you a thing or two!”

After the group date, the contestants got to know the former football player better in an intimate setting. Shockingly, the group date rose went to the makeup artist. It looked like the Indiana native was smitten with Elyse, as he immediately went in for a kiss. “Age doesn’t define anything,” he confessed to her. “I definitely think I can learn a thing or two [from you].” *Cue the romance*

Colton Underwood with Elyse wearing a blue dress
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For now, Elyse seems like she is really hitting it off with Colton, which is no surprise as she is a successful makeup artist, who even has her own YouTube channel. However, in an upcoming trailer, the Alaska native reveals that she is having second thoughts. It looked like these two had an instant connection, so we wonder what happens next.

Could it be that she is not there for the right reasons? Her photographer friend Landon Mondragon told Life & Style magazine, “This show is a way she can gain exposure…I asked her, ‘Are you ready to be married or what?’ and she just laughed.”

Yikes. Only time will tell if Elyse is really serious about Colton.

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