What a difference 11 years make! Will & Grace returned this week for its ninth season — over a decade after the 2006 series finale. Early reviews say the beloved NBC show is back and better than ever. And while the dynamic hasn’t changed, the cast itself has!

Megan Mullally may have transformed the most since hanging up her hat as charismatic conservative Karen Walker. We’ve seen the actress try out a variety of haircuts and colors through the years — bobs and bangs, red and brown — all drastically different from her martini-swilling character’s aesthetic. But the real makeover has been to her shape, and while the 58-year-old has never discussed her dramatic weight loss, photos don’t lie!

Check out Megan’s amazing transformation in the video below!

In the sitcom’s first eight-year run, Megan (and Karen) was known for her voluptuous figure, which paired well with her show-stopping personality. She often flaunted her curves on the show in low-cut tops and form-fitting ensembles.

After the curtains closed on the series, the TV star tried her hand at short-lived talk show The Megan Mullally Show, before turning to more low-profile appearances on comedies like Party Down and 30 Rock. Then, sometime in the mid-2010s, the Parks and Recreation alum emerged on the scene looking thinner than ever.

megan mullally weight loss — getty

Megan in 2005 vs. 2017. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

She’s since maintained her impressive appearance, though part of that has to do with stomach issues and acid reflux, as she recently told Vanity Fair. Due to those restrictions, she is unable to eat grains, sugar, and citrus fruits, and can’t drink alcoholic and caffeinated beverages. Instead, she sticks to “a piece of chicken and, you know, a vegetable.” That’ll do it!