Fans are concerned about Long Island Medium star Theresa Caputo's health. The 51-year-old professed clairvoyant and reality star has a family history of breast cancer, so naturally, her viewers are fearsome that she might also have the disease. Theresa has opened up about her breast cancer scare which was caught on camera last year.

During her routine mammogram, her doctor discovered a “solid nodule” which needed to be biopsied in order to screen for cancerous cells. After hearing this news, she explained that she felt “nauseous” and became a “nervous wreck." She later told her husband, Larry Caputo, that she was just “not right,” and that she didn't think it was a good idea to work while she was “extra anxious.”

“The longer it was taking for the doctor to call, the more nervous I was getting. Look my life could change forever here," she explained. Her doctor told her, "So first, it came back completely benign. Totally, totally benign. No atypical cells. No evidence of anything else going on. It's a definite benign solid growth that does not have to be removed. I would recommend just a six month follow up ultrasound, but we don't expect it to change."

It's a good thing Theresa was proactive about receiving mammograms. Early detection for breast cancer patients can save lives. And since Theresa's grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer in her early 50s, it's even more important that Theresa is vigilant with her health. In addition to her yearly mammograms, she also schedules a sonogram because she was diagnosed with “very cystic and dense breast tissue.”

According to the Susan G. Koman website, mammography is the most effective screening tool used today to find breast cancer in most women. However, benefits of mammography vary by age. Women Theresa's age should have mammograms on a regular basis.