Is she the real deal or not? It’s been six years since Theresa Caputo rose to fame thanks to her hit TLC reality series, Long Island Medium. Though many fans believe in the celebrity medium’s psychic skills, there are a number of viewers who aren’t convinced that the 51-year-old can actually speak to the dead. Learn more in the video below!

The legitimacy of Theresa’s “gift” came into question in the summer of 2014, when private investigator Ron Tebo claimed to Radar Online that, after a year of investigating the New York native, he found that she employed a number of tactics to make her readings look a lot more authentic than they really are.

“[She is] a vulture preying on the most vulnerable,” Ron told the website at the time, alleging that Theresa pre-interviews subjects before she reads them either on her TV show or during live paid appearances. “I think it’s despicable.”

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He added, “She schmoozes with the audience, and wins them over with her big hair, designer shoes, and comedy. When they trust her, she goes in for the kill. She’ll ask the group a question like, ‘Who lost an older male relative to heart problems?’ It’s the oldest trick in the medium’s book.”

However, not long after Ron’s allegations made headlines, Theresa took to social media to brush it off. “Negative people need drama like it was oxygen. Stay positive,” she wrote in a Facebook post, “and take their breath away.”

Fast forward to March 2017 when Theresa revealed that she had her brain tested to prove her psychic wherewithal. During an appearance on Fox & Friends, the bubbly blonde recalled getting examined by a doctor with a camera crew in tow, to show there was something different about her.

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“They did find that I do access a part of my brain that we typically don’t and that my brain actually goes blank. It’s almost like it flatlines. Like, it’s clear as I’m channeling,” the Good Grief author said, adding that she was not surprised by her results. “I always said that my brain doesn’t work like everyone else’s. I always said since I was a young child, ‘Mom, I don’t feel right. I don’t feel like I belong. I feel different.’”

In response to critics — like Mr. Tebo — who question her talent, Theresa said that she is completely unbothered by their negative comments. “You know, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But you speak to the people that I channeled their loved ones and it has changed their lives in a positive way,” she continued. “And look, there are common things that spirits have me say. That’s not my fault that there are only so many different ways that people can die. Those things are common. But spirits talk about unique things that there’s no way I would know about.”

Despite her haters, Theresa has the support of a handful of famous fans — including Jamie-Lynn Sigler. Back in 2016, after the reality star connected the former Sopranos actress, 36, to her late brother, Adam (who died of a brain hemorrhage in 2014), Jamie-Lynn couldn’t help but rave about her experience. “While I came in here a believer, I believe in mediums, I believe in Theresa’s gift. I’m a fan, I watch her show,” she said. “[After my reading, I thought], ‘Yep, this is real.’”

Long Island Medium airs on TLC Mondays at 9 p.m. EST.