Say it ain’t so! Long Island Medium fans tune into the show every week to have a good cry or two as Theresa Caputo delivers important messages to her clients from their loved ones who have passed, but fans were also super invested in the Caputo family and Theresa’s adorable relationship with her husband Larry Caputo — which is why viewers were completely devastated after Theresa and Larry announced their split over the weekend.

But they can’t say they didn’t see it coming. Theresa’s marriage has been particularly strained this season and it seems like it’s because she focused all of her attention on some more high profile, celebrity clients, and since she’s so immersed in her career, her marriage had taken a back seat. Promos for the hit TLC series seem to point at problems in Theresa and Larry’s marriage, and now that her estranged hubby has been seen less frequently on the show, fans are wondering — what happened to Larry on Long Island Medium? Keep reading below to find out more about him!

What is Larry Caputo’s job?

Larry worked in the food business before he retired at the age of 55 — right before Season 1 of Long Island Medium premiered in 2011 — and since then, he’s turned his attention to helping his wife with her business as a psychic medium. But now that Theresa has gained worldwide fame because of the success of their reality TV show, she’s getting busier and busier and it looks like she doesn’t have time for her husband.

Why isn’t Larry on Long Island Medium?

Larry has not been seen very often on the new season because of his marital issues, but it seems like he is doing just fine otherwise. He looked happy and healthy in an Instagram photo that Theresa shared on his birthday back in August.

Did Larry have a brain tumor?

In 2001, Larry had surgery to treat Acoustic Neuroma — or Vestibular schwannoma — which is a noncancerous tumor that grows on the main nerve that connects the ear to the brain. Larry underwent a procedure to remove the tumor two weeks before September 11, 2001, and beause of the surgery, he lost his hearing on the side where the tumor was and he also is partially paralyzed in his face — and he was grateful that Theresa stood by his side while he recovered.

“My wife never looked at me or treated me any differently. That’s the great thing about the support Theresa and I have for each other,” he told Inked magazine back in 2015. “I feel like sometimes in some marriages, the wife wouldn’t want to be with the husband anymore and the relationship would break off. I always thought, ‘How would I be if that happened to Theresa?’ But she stuck by me through the whole thing. It was a long recovery period.”