Looking good! Theresa Caputo has been open about her struggle with her weight on her hit TLC reality TV series Long Island Medium, but now it’s a thing of the past. Theresa has been looking better than ever recently, and she credits her weight loss to a complete lifestyle change — which includes hitting the gym regularly and adopting healthier eating habits.

She decided to take the first steps towards a healthier lifestyle in 2013 and she hired a personal trainer to come to her home to guide her through her first workout — which was the first time she had done any type of exercise in a very long time.

“I’ll admit it, I’m lazy,” Theresa said in her confessional. “I have no motivation when it comes to working out.”

But she got through her first session — of course, taking a break in between to pass on a message to her trainer from his mother who had passed — and it looks like she kept up with her new lifestyle! Last year, Theresa revealed that she hits the gym for a combination of weight lifting and cardio exercises, and now it has become a part of her everyday routine — she said she even looks forward to it as her “me” time.

theresa caputo weight loss before and after getty

Theresa in 2013 vs. 2017.

“[Working out] just helps me in general,” she told People. “I always hated exercising. If you remember, in the early episodes of Long Island Medium, I didn’t like working out, but now I can’t picture my day without it.”

In addition to working out, Theresa cleaned up her diet. In an interview with food blog The New Potato, Theresa explained the difference between her “fantasy” meals and the healthy meals that she chooses instead — like swapping out French toast for a protein bar or a protein shake and choosing a kale and quinoa salad with grilled chicken instead of a burger fries, and onion rings.

“I changed a lot of my eating habits because of what I do. You know that saying — you really are what you eat,” she said. “People sometimes get the wrong impression. Yes, everything is about the way that you look, but it’s also about the way that you feel. I started to eat really healthy, and then once I started this whole thing with television and being on the road so much and not having a normal life, I had to start eating organically — I started really eating clean. Now that’s only probably been within the last year, when I went strict about eating really clean. I still have those moments, but then I don’t feel well after I eat.”