Does your bra fit? If you’re having a hard time answering the question, Sarah Sullivan, Creative Director at LIVELY, will help you figure it out. Life & Style exclusively spoke with the expert to answer all your questions about fit and comfort when it comes to your ~girls.~

Surprisingly, the easiest indicator is simply how you feel. “If you’re doing a lot of adjusting throughout the day, it’s probably not the right fit for you,” Sarah explained. Also, when looking at yourself in clothes, if you’re noticing lines or indentations that are being created by your bra, then you’re probably wearing the wrong size.”

Basically, don’t overthink it. “The best test is if you are comfortable. If you aren’t, then it’s not the right fit or size for your body,” Sarah added.

Bra Fitting Tips from Lively
Courtesy of LIVELY

Many common problems with fit are things like the garment not sitting flat, pain or the bra shifting during the day. We’ve all been there, right? “When you’re trying on a potential new bra, pay attention to the band, as a majority of the support you get from a bra comes from the band,” Sarah advised. “If the band is too loose, you will see all sorts of fit issues — including gaping in the cups, the band riding up your back and straps slipping off your shoulders.”

How tight should the band be? “You definitely don’t want to be holding in your breath all day because of your bra,” the expert noted. “It should be snug enough that it conforms to your body and you feel supported but not too tight.” Ladies, please don’t suffocate yourselves in the name of fashion. “Your band should be firm without causing discomfort and have just about one to three inches of stretch if you were to pull it off of your body,” Sarah continued.

While it’s easy to keep buying the same size bra that you’ve been wearing since you were a teen, the expert recommended mixing things up. “Many women have a set size that they think they are, but getting a good bra fitting every so often is important because women often find that they are actually a totally different size than what they thought,” she said. “It’s also good to be open to trying different types of bra styles (T-shirt, no-wires, bralettes) even if you don’t normally wear them. You may be surprised how much you like them.”

Happy boobs, happy you!