So sweet! Blac Chyna took to her Instagram Story on Tuesday, January 28, to share the cutest video of her daughter, Dream Kardashian, eating potato chips. Not to brag, but based on our supreme snack knowledge, we’d say the precious 3-year-old was munching on Frito-Lay’s original Ruffles. (Definitely a solid choice.)

In addition to her crisps, it looks like little Dreamy was also eating some turkey slices. After all, Chyna likes to make sure that her kiddo’s diet is as balanced as possible. In fact, after giving birth to her son, King Cairo, whom she shares with ex Tyga, the Lashed Cosmetics founder was inspired to adopt an overall healthier lifestyle. 

“When I was younger, before I had both my babies, I was able to eat whatever I wanted to … I did not care,” Chyna exclusively told Life & Style. “After I had Kingy, I started to be more health-conscious. Then, after Dream, I felt as though I gained so much weight with my babies, I needed to honestly get on my health tip so I could be around for them when they get older and to show them better eating habits.”

Dream Kardashian Eating Chips
Courtesy of Blac Chyna/Instagram

Thankfully, Chyna’s kids aren’t picky eaters! Bell peppers, feta cheese, strawberries, seedless grapes, raw veggies and almond milk are just some of the vitamin-packed items she keeps in her fridge. On top of nutritious goodies, Chyna is all about hydration. “I’m really big on water, especially King, he’s super into it,” she explained. “Dreamy, not so much. I’m getting her more into it.”

“As far as my water intake, I don’t keep track, but I do drink a lot of it,” the reality TV star noted. “From that, the benefits are super clear skin. My face is really clear. I don’t have any acne breakouts and whatnot. I encourage a lot of people to drink water.”

We agree, Chyna!

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