Another day, another celebrity being accused of photoshopping their photos. This time, however, is by far the oddest case yet. Singer Dua Lipa took to Instagram on June 11 to share an adorable series of baby photos. No big deal, right? Well, as it happens, a handful of trolls began to accuse the U.K. beauty, 23, of editing the pictures so that her lips (yes, her infant lips) appeared bigger.

The accusations got so out of hand, Dua decided it was time to address them head-on. “To the people saying I photoshop my baby pictures to make my lips look bigger are mad madddd! Can’t believe I have to defend myself. You guys are on crack,” she wrote.

Unsurprisingly, many of Dua’s friends and fellow A-listers chimed in to offer her some support. After all, it’s not every day that the public accuses you of something so, er, absurd. “LMFAO welcome 2 my life. How sad so many people have work done bitches can’t even tell what’s natural anymore,” singer Lauren Jauregui commented.

“Hahahahaha what would be the REASON?” added Zara Larsson. Seriously, though, what *would* be the reason? Of course, in addition to the A-list support, a lot of Dua’s fans defended her, too.

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“Imagine people caring about what your lips looked like when you were a kid,” one fan wrote. “Haha wow, is that a thing nowadays? Do people photoshop their baby pics????????? That’s insane,” echoed another. To be clear, we don’t think anyone actually photoshops their baby pictures. If nothing else, trolls were just looking for a reason to give Dua a hard time.

She was an adorable baby with perfectly natural lips … case closed. Better luck next time, haters. 

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