Get real! Jameela Jamil divulged exclusively to Life & Style that she’s sick of seeing people alter their faces and bodies using photoshop apps. The Good Place actress always keeps it candid when it comes to body positivity and the effects social media can have on mental health. She divulged that many users go way overboard when it comes to editing their pics.

“I do think that it’s very, very damaging … It shouldn’t be a part of our culture. It’s so weird to completely change your face,” the 33-year-old admitted during Aerie REALTreat on June 8. The starlet acknowledged that using these types of editing apps is fine in moderation, but some use it to completely change their physical appearance. She continued, “We’re not talking, people don’t use it to get rid of like a red eye or something. You know, a bit of food in their teeth, they are using it to make their noses a differentiate shape, their lips bigger, their eyes bigger or their boobs bigger. Like, they’re using it to completely transform themselves.”

The activist shared that she’s even had personal experiences with acquaintances who let their online persona take over their real-life interactions. “I know people who are too anxious to leave the house now because they don’t want people to see in real life what they look like … versus what they look like on the Internet. And I think that’s really, really sad. And that’s a growing problem,” she divulged.

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Specifically, she’s concerned about young social media users who are growing up with impossible standards. “Teens have growing anxiety … having to live up to the images that they are putting on,” Jameela continued. “And at least back in my day … it was just supermodels and actresses who got airbrushed like that. So at least you could accept that they are not human, we are human. We’re not expected to look like them.”

However, the London native warned that you shouldn’t always believe what you see on social media because many people on your feed are altering their appearance. “But now, it’s been made accessible to everyone and it means that you’re now feeling inferior to literally the entire world and you don’t know that everything that you’re seeing is fake,” she noted.

Keep spreading a positive message, Jameela!