We stan an honest queen! Iskra Lawrence is not afraid to be her true self on social media, the blonde beauty admitted exclusively to Life & Style. So, what made the model decide to be 100 percent authentic on Instagram?

“It was a combination of so many things. I feel like I needed it for myself in the sense that holding myself to a perfect ideal every single day on social media, it would be so draining and tiring and not good for my mental health as someone who has been through an eating disorder,” she explained while promoting her new TELETIES x Iskra Lawrence hair tie collaboration on April 16. “For me, to just be able to be real, it’s just a very healthier, balanced way to live.”

The British native doesn’t want her pictures to be misleading, either. “When I meet people, they don’t have these unrealistic expectations of me. They already have seen the real me, so that for me, is a weight off of my shoulders.”

However, the hair tie creator admitted that it’s easy to want to put up the best snap of yourself — and that’s OK! “I still think that there is a part of you that still struggles — even as real as you can be — you still want to put the picture with the best lighting and with the cutest background, and I think you will never get away from that, and you have to just still be aware of that online,” she admitted. “There is also nothing wrong with that and again, as long as you are honest about it.”

Iskra also isn’t afraid to post a photo of herself crying or without any makeup because at the end of the day, she wants people to see these important moments in her life. “It’s more that I worry that people think it’s just for Instagram or just for attention. Then, I am always like, ‘Is this something I want to post?’” she said. “I just think, this is my page, no one controls it but me, it’s not managed. It really is just my personal, little blog with squares. So, I might have those thoughts, and then, I just don’t double check myself. I am like, ‘Do you want to post it?’ Yeah, go for it.”

Preach, girl!