The look of love! Iskra Lawrence is happier than ever in her relationship with her boyfriend, Philip Payne. The model exclusively sat down with Life & Style to talk about why her connection with her man is so strong.

“I am very, very lucky. We are constantly trying to make each other better. It’s good because he will be like, ‘You’re being impatient’ or you know, the tone or whatever it might be, but it’s good,” the 28-year-old revealed while promoting her new TELETIES x Iskra Lawrence hair tie collaboration. “Sometimes I need someone to keep me in check sometimes.”

So, what does date night look like for the duo? Naturally, eating is always involved. “We both love food a lot and dessert especially. We will look at the dessert menu before the actual menu,” she dished. “We are happy just chilling and we talk. This has been a first relationship for me where we really talk, talk and have really open and vulnerable conversations. I love learning from him. We can happily just lay about and just talk all night long or go out for a nice meal, date night, get dressed up a little bit.”

The blonde bombshell also admitted that she is a sucker for going to the movies. “It’s one of my favorite date nights,” she confessed. Even though the pair are in a long-distance relationship, they “try to see each other as much as we can.” Iskra has never had a boyfriend that she sees every day, so at this point, she’s a pro. “I don’t know what it would be like to be with someone all the time!” she admitted. “But yeah, we just try, we just travel and meet each other wherever we are.”

At the end of the day, the hair tie creator knows that she can’t make all of her followers happy, and she’s OK with that. “When I announced my boyfriend, I lost a lot of followers then and I was like, ‘Good riddance!’” she said. “Same if I talk about a political thing or whatever it might be, it’s like shedding and getting rid of all the people I don’t want following me anyway. I feel like the people that do follow me really understand. I feel very trusting of them, and I feel like I have a really good relationship with them.”

You go, girl! We love seeing you so happy.