Sorry, haters! When it comes to dealing with negativity on social media, model Iskra Lawrence is a straight up pro. Boasting 4.4 million followers on Instagram alone, the British beauty told Life & Style that navigating trolls is all about “perspective.”

“Maybe you have to get on the phone to a friend, maybe you have to just get off social media and do something positive that you enjoy, maybe watch your favorite show or go to the gym or just don’t let it have more power than it should,” the 28-year-old declared while promoting her new TELETIES x Iskra Lawrence hair tie collaboration.

Don’t get it twisted, though. Iskra’s approach isn’t entirely passive. She does, on occasion, know how to dish it back. “Sometimes I will do clapbacks, if I feel there is a positive twist or like a learning opportunity,” she said. “I will like do a clapback that can be funny and people love that, but also, you have to get that balance of not giving those people too much attention because then they will keep doing it.”

Ain’t that the truth? The only thing trolls love more than being negative is attention! That’s why Iskra makes sure to limit her clapback quota to “once every couple of months.” Unlike other celebrities or influencers, the curvy babe’s approach to social media is quality vs. quantity.

“When I announced my boyfriend, I lost a lot of followers then and I was like, ‘good riddance,’ you know? Same if I talk about a political thing or whatever it might be — it’s like shedding and getting rid of all the people I don’t want following me anyway,” Iskra admitted.

I feel like the people that do follow me really understand, and I feel very trusting of them and I feel like I have a really good relationship with them.”

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