Congratulations are in order! On January 20, model Iskra Lawrence took to social media to announce her relationship with talent manager and songwriter Philip Payne. After months of dating speculation, the British beauty, 28, and her handsome beau are finally Instagram official.

“This is our love story and for the first time ever, I’m posting my man,” Iskra began her heartwarming birthday message to Philip. “Even though it’s scary allowing something so pure and private to be out in social media for the whole world to pick apart and judge, I don’t care and I want to share us with the world.”

Model Iskra Lawrence greets her boyfriend with a big kiss while she poses in bikinis on the beach in Miami

“My @philipapayne, happy birthday and even though you know how [I] feel, I thank God everyday for you,” she continued. “I’m so happy you found me. This love is easy and free and brings out the best in us. I won’t get too mushy, but I’m excited for our future and this next year of life I know will be your and our best yet! I’m ready to support, grow and create new memories with you, love you so much, P.”

Ummm, no. We’re not crying. You’re crying! OK, fine, we’re crying … but Iskra’s followers are definitely just as emotional. “He’s incredibly handsome! Such a beautiful couple. Wishing all the best to you both,” one user commented. “OMG. My heart! I can’t take the cuteness,” someone echoed. “If I could like this a thousand times, I totally would. Congratulations, girl. This is so beautiful,” added another.

While Philip has yet to post a picture himself, we have no doubt that their Instagram debut is only the beginning of a beautiful romance. Not to sound needy or anything, but we’ll take weekly posts, please and thank you. What? Don’t be a hater. We need all the #RelationshipGoals we can get.