Maks and Val Chmerkovskiy are reuniting on the dance floor — this time with their own tour: “Maks & Val Live On Tour: Our Way."

In an exclusive interview with Life & Style, the Ukrainian brothers talk about what we can expect, how they’re preparing and special guests.

We’re all looking forward to you two being on tour together. How exciting is it for you?

VAL: "We’re very excited. First of all we are making our grandma really happy. We’re finally working together. It’s going to be the best dance show out there…It’s our own passion project and everything we dreamed of."

MAKS: "It’s a joint effort like everything else that we do together. There’s no more of the younger brother, older mentor thing. We’re just two artists getting together trying to do something different. I can’t wait for what the story is going to end up being.”

What is the concept going to be about?

VAL: "We’re trying to inspire our audience with a great performance but also with a story about family and two brothers who never really fit in, whether it was being born in a different country, moving to Brooklyn, being ballroom dancers or having an accent…Thanks to dance and the arts in general and the show [DWTS] we were able to persevere and I want this show to kind of celebrate that.”

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Is Val being on Dancing With the Stars going to effect rehearsals prior to the tour?

MAKS: "Val’s doing DWTS so I will be actually putting all of the stuff together. Obviously I do a lot of multi-tasking for everybody, but as soon as he’s done with the show, with the upcoming season, that’s when we begin rehearsal.”

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VAL: "For me, DWTS doesn’t define who I am or who I want to be at the end of the day but it’s a project that has facilitated incredible opportunities for me and has given me the platform to let my talent develop and shine. By no means do I not see a future where I can't do other things along with DWTS.”

Are there going to be any familiar faces in the show?

MAKS: "Not from Dancing With The Stars, no. We’re trying to make it so that it’s not about that. We’ll have cameos of people that are our friends and want to work. A lot of people contacted us and mentioned how happy they are, how excited they are like, ‘Hey listen, I’m going to show up. I want to pop up.’”

Maks and Val will perform in 45 cities across the U.S. beginning June 15 in Florida and wrapping up mid-August in California. To purchase tickets go to