Believe it or not, this is work. Bachelor in Paradise alum Dylan Barbour had the perfect clap back after a troll accused him and finacée Hannah Godwin of not having jobs. The newly engaged couple, who met in Mexico during season 6, has been vacationing in the Maldives for the last two weeks, but that doesn’t mean they’re slacking.

“Wish I had a job like yours … oh, wait a sec, you don’t have a job,” someone commented on a recent vacation selfie of Dylan, 25, and Hannah, also 25, on February 11.

Instagram Screenshot Paradise Star Dylan Barbour Claps Back After Someone Says He Doesn't Work

The former contestant from Hannah Brown‘s season — who founded and owns exercise app Vizer — let the diss roll right off his back with the most hilarious response. “Wish I had a dog, so I guess we all can’t have what we want,” he wrote. As for Hannah, she works as an influencer and is constantly traveling, modeling and promoting brands on her social media.

Dylan’s clap backs are on point and so is his adorable romance with Hannah. The pair are enjoying a little fun in the sun for the Alabama beauty’s birthday and have been serving up the sweetest content during their trip.

Dylan Barbour and Hannah Godwin Smile on Vacation Selfie in the Maldives
Courtesy of Dylan Barbour Instagram

“Must be pretty cool being the most loved dude on this planet [Dylan Barbour]. Sorry, someone had to say it,” Hannah captioned a loved-up selfie of the two. “Word on the street is you’re the most loved woman on this planet, so sounds like I’m in good company,” her handsome beau responded. Aw!

They seem so happy together but still have times where they need to defend their romance on the internet. Hannah opened up a little about their relationship after a fan said they “aren’t into PDA” as much as other Bachelor Nation couples.

“I’m the most team [Dylan Barbour] in the world,” Hannah gushed in a written response on her Instagram Story in January. “It’s kinda crazy that I only post maybe one [percent] of the sweet things he does, but he seriously truly rocks and his perspective on things is rational. I love it.” The reality babe also noted in a video that the California stud is the most “selfless” person she’s ever known. Basically, mind your business because this Paradise pair is doing A-OK.

We will forever be head over heels for Hannah G. and Dylan!